Custom Illustrations

I’m wildly inspired by wedding gowns (don’t believe me, see proof here) . I think it’s because in terms of dresses when you whitewash an entire collection of gowns, you really are seeing every piece solely in terms of form and texture, without being distracted by color. Wedding gowns give me a chance to really focus on the design and lines of the dress itself.


When it comes to drawing and painting, white clothing can present a challenge for a lot of illustrators causing doubt with how much shading to add and also because it gives them fear of the final piece looking undone/ feeling “blank”.  I’ve been gravitating toward the undone look because I personally love when you can see some of the backlines from the pencil work.

 It’s like a hint of thought process of the artist that you lose when inked and cleaned up.

IMG_0919 2.JPG

 Here are some images of a recent custom piece I did for Berta. (If you haven’t seen their gowns def make time to check them out.)


I take on custom work all the time. March is fully booked as of now, but if you need any illustration email now to get on the April schedule.

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