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I know a lot of amazing people through social media since a large part of my career is online. One of those people I have the pleasure of e-chatting with here and there is Christiane Lemieux, the creative director at Dwell Studio. Staying in touch with her has always driven me to check the site more frequently than many other home sites.  I am glad I did just before the Rue Magazine shoot, otherwise I wouldn't have found my DREAM LAMPS!

Okay, I know- who talks about lamps? Me apparently, because I ordered a pair of gold Urchin lamps immediately and they have been all over my twitter page, instagram feed, and now here on the blog. These caught my eye and I knew they would be perfect for the living room (or bedroom, or console).  I finally decided to place them in the living room, and they sit just higher than my couch which is perfect because the best part about these babies is the gold on the inside of the shade.

Statement lamps exist- and you'll need two.

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{ Gold Urchin Lamp }

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