{ every. morning. }

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset Every morning I take about 30 minutes for myself before the craziness of my job begins. My days as an illustartor and project designer are filled with design, running, meetings, ( coffee here) explaining, moodboards, concepting, drawing, redrawing (more coffee here). And by the end of the day, while everything looks pretty across social media, I'm so tired I can't even keep an eye open.

I learned that in order to keep creativity going strong, it's important to take a moment every morning to myself. A quick moment to reflect, to sip a coffee alone and most importantly to just look. I look at images in these thirty minutes- pinterest, magazines- essentially anything but my computer or phone. Then, when time is up I take a deep breath, get a refill and I move.

Do you have a morning routine to strip up creativity? If yes I'd love to hear about it below.