{ fan support }

As my company is growing and our social pages have strong followings, I have been introduced to a new group of kind and creative cheerleaders. Since I started drawing and sharing, I've always felt like I have a strong support group online, but lately I have been especially humbled by your notes and creativity. I am in constant awe of the unique way you have all been sharing your support and it inspires me to work harder.

Aside from this weeks' sweet instagram, twitter,  and now facebook messages, I was humbled at the time and talent of these two ladies.

Marty Fini, from Italy ( oh haaay fellow italian ) sent me a little FB note showing us an entire PAGE of moodboards she created dedicated to my personal style on polyvore. Oh, and they are well designed too.  
AND remember this pic of my favorite nyfw friends and I headed to Alice and Olivia? Well, Kara Endres illustrated it for me!

As a long time illustrator, I know the time and patience this takes and am just so happy you took the time to send this my way.  It's now proudly displayed in our office.
Any time either of you creative ladies would like to come work with Team Shaw we'll make some room for you in the office. Kelly, get these ladies a key!

Hope all of you will continue the conversation with me here and on social- I have some big changes coming and I'll need your support more than ever. Can't wait to share everything that comes next.