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  I have been spending more time than usual "looking" these past few weeks. As you know I decided to start my own line of product. I blocked off a few weeks of design time and then I changed my mind and asked for everything to come to a halt while I really thought about what I want this to look like before starting my sketches. Artists are naturally observant people and I think I take it to an entirely new level. I have been wandering around taking photos, booked a few new inspirations trips, purchased a wild amount of magazines and this week got sucked into pinterest. Here are my top three inspiration images from the week, and I'll tell you why:


I have this new obsession with what some companies are referring to as "baby green". It's that unique shade of green you catch in an opal. A deeper shade than mint and w a touch more teal than seafoam. I bought these lionette by sade which started the whole thing. Now I can't stop.



2nd image I can't look at enough is this interior shot above. I'm inspired by the mix of color here. The neon pink mixed with the vintage is nice but it's the addition of the crisp white with the other two is what keeps me looking. Definitely something that could work well in my office.

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And last but not least, this braid. Or this bit of braid. Just need my hair to get a bit longer but when it does it's next on my to-try  list.

Has anyone seen anything I might go crazy over? Make sure you leave a link below, tweet or tag me so I can check it out!!

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