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When this blog began it was simple: it was to be an outlet to share things I liked as found my own place online. Then things became not-so-simple. In the following years the blog grew more popular than I had expected and as word of my job as a fashion illustrator spread I , along with a small team, tried to keep up with what everyone else wanted to read. We answered the demands of my favorite companies, readers and friends. It always remained true to my style but still had some contributors in and out. In those years I felt like the blog could be more personal but there wasn’t so much time. That’s about to change. The blog will still remain a place share my favorite things, but also share some stories, become more of a creative outlet again and a place to connect w readers on a stronger level (I can’t leave you links and stories on insta!) We (me and you) are always chatting on twitter, via instagram and now I’d like to bring that back to the blog.

And that’s why it’s been decided that in 2015- beginning today- I take the blog back.

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Dallas Shaw.

I’m an artist and a project designer. I’m the illustrator to the fashion industry to be even more specific. I grew up in Scranton, PA without a single connection to the intimidating industry and not a lot of shopping options but when I began drawing my mom fashion catalogues at age 4 full with matching mother daughter outfits and prices on everything down to the socks- we knew where I was headed.

Behind the scenes of the perks, the travel, the swag, being your own boss- there is a helluva lot of work that goes on. I am about to add even more work to my plate this year: I’m taking on a new adventure and placing my artwork on product for the first time. I’ve always wanted my own line and there is no better time to do it. I’m nervous, and excited and hope I can share much of that process here.

And in the meantime I’ll share a lot of what I know best, my personal style and no one else’s.

Hope you enjoy- and will join me in conversation here in the new year.

{ photo by Trever Hoehne, Dallas Shaw for 31 bits }

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