{ THE best bags for all my art traveling needs }

I’ve been on the road with design and visual consulting projects non-stop. When I do have time at home I want to spend it making memories with my family and friends, NOT unpacking and repacking.
I decided I should get my art supplies organized so I could have them with me all the time and keep them organized and protected. Working from hotel rooms hasn’t been as easy as Instagram makes her look. I spend so many nights tearing through my suitcase just trying to find the right inking pen that “I know I packed in here somewhere…”. Thankfully Hobo Bags has me completely covered. And I'm about to share alllll my favorites.

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{ Origin Shoulder Bag Suede Natural }

Don’t get me wrong I love the travel part of it I’m just still trying to make it work with real life. So, the team at Hobo and I decided- let’s get this figured out once and for all, Dallas-style. Which means it may not be how you pack your shit but it’s how I’m packing mine.

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{ Daydream Crossbody Clutch }

Maybe it will give you some inspiration on investing in some classic bags and packing your own. (and then booking a trip. And then bringing them there to make some creative magic.)


{ Domino Top Handle Crossbody in Black}

My creative musts for each trip include a collection of favorite cameras, wires and chargers (because I was a non-stop photographer before Instagram took life completely over), paint brushes, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, inking pens, a watercolor set and palette, Sketchbooks, travel journals and of course laptop, headphones and the all the other electronic necessities you need to communicate with a design team from an airplane.


{ Blaze Bucket Backpack Vintage Black }

Here are my 11 favorites from Hobo, in the colors I like best and exactly what I’m planning for each of those items. Hope this will inspire you to collect your tools strategically and store them beautifully- because taking time to pack your things mindfully will give you more time to actually create and less time spent digging for 15 minutes for that .01 inking pen… “No, it’s here somewhere I promise.”


1-Quest Passport Wallet Vintage Black - For whatever reason I love this black material. It feels oddly retro and reads “nowhere to go but everywhere”.

2 -Euro Slide Credit Card Wallet-  I’m going to keep some photos of friends in here like it’s the 80’s along with metro cards, small polaroids from the trip etc.

3- Whirl Wristlet- erasers, small rulers, touch up white acrylic paint. All those randoms are going right in here.

4- Quest Passport Wallet Vachetta Natural- In case you aren’t as into that material as I am.

5-Origin Shoulder Bag Suede Natural- All those cameras I talked about? The shape is perfect.

6- Sable Wristlet Metallic Gold Dust- Keeping my paintbrushes and pencils (I’m a blackwing groupie) in this conveniently rectangular wristlet. BONUS: Will also be perfect to take out to dinner so no need to pack an extra crossbody.

7- Avalon Tote Magnolia- My flat watercolor set and palette will slide right in here if I’m illustrating at an event.

8 -Flair Bag Charm - Keep things fun with adding a bag accessory. I’m popping this white one on my carry-on.

9- Blaze Bucket Backpack Vintage Black- I’ve talked about this 10000 times before- I’ve been searching for the PERFECT black travel backpack and I think I just found it. I can bring my supplies to and from without looking like a hot mess and then it converts into a regular bag when needed. This might be the one you guys.

10 - Domino Top Handle Crossbody in Buff- I need a place to keep my planner, sketchbook, journal so this bag is perfectly structured for those exploration days. And this color is 100.

11 -Soul ID Card Bag Charm  The coolest ID holder with the phrase “for the wanderers”, I meannn...