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So you guys might remember this color I was obsessed with last week, well I found out the way to use it and see it alllll the time.  Where you ask? They say the most used rooms of your house are the bathroom and kitchen, and seeing how I don’t really cook too much (my health kick includes take out, okay), I chose my bathroom! I collaborated with Valspar to use the Cocoa Berry color from that's available at The Paint Studio at Ace Hardware to style my bathroom.  I love it so much that I'm purposely going in there more often just to stare at it.  If you visit my house, I will force you to look at this gorgeous color, so be prepared.

And can I tell you about The Paint Studio?  It was like shopping for makeup.  There were small samples, Valspar Color Guarantee, great salespeople---wait this was actually better than shopping for makeup.  The people at Ace were soo nice and really helped me find the paint color that matched my crazy color obsessed description. Don't believe me?  Check out their Helpful is Beautiful campaign.

Want to have your bathroom (or any other room) look like mine?  Peek at the links below and make sure to visit The Paint Studio at Ace Hardware (tell them Dallas sent you).

 { Valspar } { The Paint Studio at Ace Hardware } { Helpful is Beautiful }

psst. Did I also tell you that from now until September 1st, you can visit Ace Hardware to save $5 on Valspar Optimus or Valspar Aspire paints?

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