you're invited to peek into my closet...

I wanted to share a few snaps from a recent DKNY Coregirl shoot and more importantly, take a moment to get a little personal. I'd like to invite all of you into my closet! 
Due to my love of fashion and my job in the fashion industry, I have a large collection of clothing, shoes and accessories. In addition to the collection, we have new product coming in and out of the office daily. I also spend a lot of time traveling, so getting ready in the morning has to be easy and enjoyable for me, on a tight timeline. When I ended up with an unused room in my new home, and I decided to turn the entire room into my closet.
I decided I wanted my dressing area to be less about standard "cubes and racks" and to feel more like a room. I began with my favorite wallpaper (nice job, Joy) and with some help from my friends at Hygge and West we were able to make it happen quickly. 
Then I added 3 overlapping persian overdyed rugs from Rugs USA. A large cream, over a bright pink and a neon yellow tops off the collection. 
Then as wall decor I added lace longhorns by Love Warriors of Sweden (obsessed with this site). One rests at the top of a found metal ladder (he's the keep of the denim), and the other is mounted on the closet doors. 
{ love warriors lace longhorns whiteblack } { oh joy petal-pusher wallpaper } 
 Those were my first steps- stay tuned for step two where I'll show you how I store my favorite things!