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A good tape is so hard to find...Sticker Mule to our rescue.

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

We have been working on several design concepts over here on 9th Street and in all of that branding and design and ordering we have been struggling to find one thing over and over again: custom logo tape. This was something as a design team we were surprised about. We assumed you could simply go to any custom site and get the design that we made printed. On tape. Simple as that. Why not, we had seen it before? Couldn't be that hard, right? Very wrong.

Layer that on top of the fact that (of course ) we on the team had our hearts set on a specific size and a specific salmon pink. Finally, in swooped sticker mule with the exact packaging tape size that we needed and the ability to make it custom.

We thought we should share here, because now that we have moved on to another design project, we have found that tape was becoming a challenge again- but this time we knew where to go first. If we are running into that issue, maybe other designers following are as well.

Check out Sticker Mule's shipping tape here if you have run into the same road blocks that we have.

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