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Dog moms, I see you.

Updated: May 1, 2022

Happy Mothers Day Dog moms. This one’s for you.

I don’t have kids, and honestly I’m not a dog-dresser-upper for the most part but this year I got Ziggy and the gifting began. Thought I’d share a few of my favorite pup goods in case you want to treat yourself to a few mother's day gifts ;)

Replacing your dog goods with more stylish options isn't as easy as planned but there are some new sites and things out there I did like and because of that I saved my favorite sites and goods to share with you.

For dog bowls I choose cool factor over cute factor.

The bowls I was finding just didn’t really feel like my style, and regular (human) bowls were to high for my small guys. I turned to Etsy for this one and stumbled upon PurpleHeatherPottery which was the best fit for my long haired chihuahuas.

I chose two complimenting peace bowls with about a 1.5 inch lip. I personally find them cool so I leave them out all the time. Heather also was super responsive and nailed it. Pottery and glaze differs so much so I asked her to make a few more in this very color way for you all - so if you’d like them she probably has a few extra on hand. ;) You can find her and all others at the links below this post.

Bravo, Wild One. How did they manage to make dog poop bags look sleek. It’s the color here for me. AND they now have a small run at Target.

I could go on about the colorways and strong marketing but instead I'll tell you about my favorite - the Wild One travel bag. ( Be careful and make sure to snap the sides- helped a women on the train with the same model get her pup back in because she forgot to do that ;) ) When not traveling I put all my dog goods in there for storage. It also unzips and folds flat with a mat inside so there is a place to lounge mid travel.

I have bigggg love for Found My Animal and there is honestly not much that I don’t own from there. The larger ombre leash had my heart but was too big for the Zig, but the tie dog dog gear and hooded onesies- have you ever seen anything better?

They also have puffers which are so cool in design- the hoods are removable and snap right on and off.

Zig’s denim vest and patches, crochet hats are all from etsy. And how could I not get Ziggy the lightweight bolt tag.

Nice Digs- Originally found nice digs through Anthro when I spotted this harness. I love the paint on the leather, so I ordered the matching leash. When I went to grab that, I saw the SMARTEST must-have. You know when you travel with a dog and you are just trying to get them water easily and it’s never easy? Enter the per travel water bottle. Problem solved.

Oh and I was using the most hideous baby gate when out of the house for lack of a better solution. Just this year I finally found this one by Richell.


The best dog toys sometimes come from the dollar store like all of these ropes. Literally all from dollar tree.

All of the links are below for you! Happy shopping!

Denim vest- etsy

Lightning dog tag- etsy

Dog Gate- by Richell- looks like they carry them at chewy here

Nice Digs- harness and leash

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