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Hobo X Dallas Shaw

Reimagining Hobo's Urban Nomad Jacket

When Hobo called me to ask me to be part of their launch for their new Urban Nomad Jacket (they hadn't had jackets before this) I was a) flattered that they thought of me and b) excited to work with a team I've been virtual-friends with for a while now.

The team asked me to paint on 4 jackets in whatever fashion I pleased- keeping the brand in mind of course, which was easy since their brand overlaps with my personal style.

Painting on the sleeves was so much fun because I love untraditional placement of artwork. I went with lucky horseshoes, light bolts, shields and moths- for good measure ;)

I hope that all of these will be perfectly worn in by their new owners. The jackets will be for sale on Hobo starting on Monday Feb 24 and if you're not lucky enough to get your hands on one there- fear not, we've got a plan for that. On instagram, @dallasshaw & @hobotheoriginal, ie'll be giving one way along with my favorite HOBO bag and a couple of other surprises from my side hustle, @wearefaerie.

Again, I can't stress enough how thankful I am to do these fun projects as my full time job. I hope you all wear these with pride (and send me allll the photos!) xx

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