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Introducing “Here on this Island..”

I choose and plan many trips, but this one— this specific art residency— found its way to me. It came in an email. I couldn't make it there for the scheduled time and when covid hit another reschedule threw me into new work. I assumed I'd lost the opportunity at hand. Oddly, this email came back a third time. An invitation to live on an island. Right there in type, staring me in the face during a uniquely tough time in my life. I had lost my dad. I had gone through an unexpected divorce. I was lost. And here in front of me was an email, calling me to Bermuda, for an unknown reason.

Only now I understand, there was something I was meant to find there.

"Only now I understand, there was something I was meant to find there."

Weeks into my residency on island, I was floating in the water staring up at the clouds when I felt it. A kind-of-foreign feeling that washed right over me. It was comfort. I’d never been anywhere where I felt so still.

There in that water, my thoughts began changing. I reflected on how far I'd come, what I had become as an artist and and then, new thoughts-- of I wanted people to know of me as a creator. What I’d been holding back for 15 years in an industry became clear. It changed. There on my back.

After my stay, I returned to my studio and tried to work. It was quiet in-studio, but not calm. This collection of paintings, writing, photos was the only way I could hold on to the comfort and float just a little longer.

Introducing "Here On This Island..."

a collection of thoughts, journal writings, drawings and paintings inspired by my stay.

The majority of the paintings sold on instagram stories (I always share there first- go follow) before they were posted or photographed, but some are here tucked away and will appear on this site this week. Remember, you can pay for originals in increments if needed. If you want to do so please send an DM before purchase so we can set that up for you but still mark as held on the site. I can't wait for you to see it all. More posts here will share so much more of the story


And thank you always for being on this creative life journey with me. -Dallas

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