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Just add florals.

Taking a moment this morning to hop over here and show you the new print because I dreamed this little one up months ago and I'm thrilled it's finally available. It can be displayed as-is or you can create something all your own. Let me walk you through :)

When you get this small-but-sturdy ( can stand on it's own) 5x7 print it looks like this:

It's so pretty just on it's own so I had planned to make it a print after I posted it on instagram a while ago. But at the same time I ordered the prints I had my home filled with baby's breath and started playing around.

So, while you can display the print just as-is, you can also grab a push pin and some small florals or leaves ( the idea of pine during the holidays) and crate your own one of a kind piece.

Hope you love this as much as I do. These are the two I have in my studio:

Available in the shop page now. Xx- Dallas

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