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The sleekest printer I have found to date...

Hey entrepreneurs. I'm going to begin sharing my favorite office supplies here since over at my studios we need our design space to look good. I just can't seem to be productive in the middle of a hot mess, ya know? This is the HP Tango X. I like it because it's easy to set up, sleek in size and color, and -bonus- it's got a simple reversible gray / blue cover which enables you to leave it visible in your home without having to hide it away. It's compatible with the new macs and it was very hard for me to find, so I'm giving you links where it's still available below.

Long live stylish printing options- Thanks HP.

You can find it here:

apple store - 239.95 ( Takes slightly longer to arrive)

Need an cover than the gray? Reversible Currant/Cork option here.

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