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Dallas Shaw 2020

2020 Vision – Your brand, through my eyes.

A lot of things have changed since we met 11 years ago. One of those things? My job.

I am an illustrator taking on customs for creative marketing campaigns and I pride myself on

only taking the ones I truly love and believe in so I can share those and hopefully inspire people.

I’ve been an illustrator for a very long time but I’m also a lot of other things.

Art Direction:

I take on visual branding plans for fashion, beauty, travel, home and

personalities and while I’ve worked with some heavy hitters I also do branding plans for new

businesses. I just believe that everyone deserves a power of a strong brand- not just

the big guys.

Creative concepts:

Bet you didn’t know this but I’m on the back end of even larger creative

projects like hotel development, designing everything from marketing plans to full

bar/restaurant concepts and even filmed shoots. The biggest mistake people make it not

investing in a strong vision from the very start, and then having to pay more to go back and fix a


Let’s start strong together. I’ll come to you.

Events/ speaking engagements: Private events, editorial previews, product launches, schools.

I’ve painted on mirrored paper, denim, passports- you name it- and spoken to business owners,

event planners and even the facebook team, on following your creative path. From illustration

activation to panel discussion, events are my favorite way to connect with you all in person.

Whether you have a flicker of an idea, an already existing idea that needs a brush-up or a large

marketing campaign that just can’t fail, Let me show you your brand through my eyes.

As you know I’m a believer in investing in yourself.

Do it right, do it with a strong vision plan.

Wanna work? Click "Contact" above on my website website and learn more, or email me at I look forward to meeting you and making some creative magic together.

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